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Basic Knowledge For New Campers--About Tent Configurations

There are three basic configurations of tents, each of which may appear with many variations:Single skin (USA: single wall): Only one waterproof layer of fabric is used, comprising at least roof and walls. To minimize condensation on the inside of the tent, some expedit 2017-05-22

The 121th Canton Fair--Another Step Further

The overseas buyers participate in the 121th Canton Fair have a greater sense to have a cooperation with China'scompanies.196,490 people attended,they came from 213 countries and regions.Compared with the 119th CantonFair,the number has a growth of 5.87%.From the highes 2017-05-16

Better Spirit After International Workers' Day

To get to the top of the mountain,we need not only a pair of good shoes,enough water or great courage,but our team.The International Workers' Day reminds me the time when everything was just started. After so many years and so much effort,we do our business better and b 2017-05-02

Outdoor Industry Trends for Brands to Look out For

According to Adventure Travel News, “the outdoor industry has a proven record of stable innovation and growth…manufacturers and retailers share a commitment to core business values, such as helping people to discover the wonder of outdoor recreation, conserving natura 2017-03-13
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